You Got This – 7 Strategies 7 Ways to Keep You On the Fitness Track

phone Fitness GoalsThe decision to become healthy and strong is always a good one. But, quite often, you start out strong, and over time, you slowly lose steam. The daily workout becomes a hassle, and your strict diet gives you crazy food dreams.

To help you stay on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term despite such challenges, here are seven strategies to try.

1. Continue enjoying what you love, but opt for the healthier alternative.

Despite the abundance of information available today about diets, most people still equate it with deprivation. Correct this idea.

You can still have spaghetti, chips, ice cream, and even your daily cup of Joe whenever you have a craving for them. However, to continue doing what is right for you, choosing the healthier alternative should be a constant practice.

Say, for spaghetti, opt for squash noodles instead of typical pasta noodles. Also, for ground meat, why not try Quorn? For potato chips or corn chips, a healthier option would be sweet potato or beet chips. And for coffee, switch your dairy- and sugar-heavy iced latte switch to cold brew butter coffee. You get similar flavors but better nutrition.

2. Change the term diet to lifestyle.

This simple shift can do wonders for your mindset. A diet often has a negative connotation to it, so forget about the term altogether. Instead, call it a smart lifestyle – one that you are intentional about – be it with eating or exercising.

It’s important to mention too that when you are making a lifestyle change, there’s less pressure to it. Thus, you can prevent the high likelihood of losing momentum fast.

3. Take before and after pictures

This is one of the strategies that personal trainers use to keep their clients’ eyes on the prize. Put your phone camera to good use and document your physical transformation journey.

Seeing the differences with your physique every week since launching a fitness regimen can really help you to stick to the plan. But, not only that, it may even inspire you to go harder with exercise and eat more conscientiously to speed up the results you want.

4. Avoid getting hungry.Healthier Life

The thing about hunger is it can cloud your judgment and make you lose intentionality. So, avoid getting too hungry. This is one of the reasons why Bulletproof coffee is so popular, especially among fitness junkies. This delicious butter coffee can keep you feeling full and energized for much longer.

If you, however, are not keen on just running on coffee, always take energy-boosting snacks with you. This way, you can avoid turning to junk fast food when hunger strikes.

5. Make plans or goals for the future

Reality TV programs got it right – it helps to create different visible goals about the future to keep one motivated in becoming and staying healthy.

For example, purchase a much smaller and more stylish swimsuit for a trip with your girlfriends to Hawaii. Put it on display along with a calendar to remind you of how much time you need to be able to fit into the swimsuit.

It does not always need to be an outfit to fit into; you can put up a poster of a marathon you wish to join, or any other physical challenge that you need to get in shape for to be able to participate.

6. Journal about the journey.

Journaling your quest to health and wellness is an excellent way to deal with the emotional aspect of it. You will find that every time you struggle, journaling allows you to unburden yourself.

When you journal, write down your goals, challenges and setbacks, and resolutions. It’s a piece of document that you can read often. You can monitor behavioral patterns that work for your health goals, as well as those that hinder you from getting the results you want when you want them.

7. Make the process fun.Improving-and-Maintaining-Health

Put joy into everything that you do to boost your wellbeing. When you are happy, your body releases the right hormones that can boost the immune system and promote healing.

Also, fun brings balance to life. It can change your perspective and make your health initiative a thoroughly rewarding experience, instead of just a demonstration of your willpower.

Some of the ways to make getting fit fun are by working out with friends, and pursuing interests such as dancing or a new sport.

Indeed, staying motivated in your health and wellness journey is no walk in the park. It’s a challenge for the body, but more so for your willpower. The problem is that willpower is not always reliable. Therefore, it helps to be more creative and thoughtful in your approach.Thestrong is always a good one. But, quite often, you start out strong, and over time, you slowly lose steam. The daily workout becomes a hassle, and your strict diet gives you crazy food dreams.