Real Health Talks invites you to write for us beautifully, original and engaging health and medical care content on the regular basis.  Your quality of writing can make us a trustworthy and reliable online health community. We want you to write something educational, awarding and helpful so that our reader can appreciate your writing and share it with others. Which will be beneficial for both of us.

You should agree to the following terms by submitting a health guest post, life story, health challenge and research to our editor.

Write for us on the following health matters:

  • Healthcare researchhealth write for us
  • Medical Devices & Technology
  • Patient Care & Treatment Stories
  • Fitness and Workout
  • Nutrition and Food
  • Beauty and Skin Care
  • Lifestyle and Relationships

Health Article writing Guidelines

  • We will provide an article topic or you can suggest to us.
  • The article must be 700+ words.
  • Good content formatting – add headings, small paragraphs, bullet points and highlights the main content.
  • We only love to 100% original health-related content and can not be published elsewhere – before and after submission.

How not to get your article disapproved?

  • Content must not be fully an advertisement or promotional.
  • Please do not include an author bio in the article. We have already created authors.
  • Don’t stuff keywords, avoid duplicate content writing and irrelevant content.

What is the article publication process?

If you can follow our guidelines, Simply send your article in text or word doc file by email us here or use a form for contact us.  You can write email subject like “Health Guest Post”, “Write for Us”, “Health Care Post” or your article topic. All posts are reviewed by the editorial team before being published on Real Health Talks to make sure your content original,  to remove the grammatical errors, including the images and marking it SEO friendly. we will inform you once it is published. Normally we take 2-3 day to review any content. Your content will be shared on our top social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit.

Good Luck!!!