Nail Ridges: What Causes Them?

cause-Nail-RidgesOur nails provide us with a lot information regarding our health; both past and present. If you are looking for indicators of the state of health in a person, all you need to do is to look at their nails.

One of the appearances on the nails that rouse curiosity is nail ridges. They are parallel lines that are longitudinal in appearance and are evident from the cuticle until the nail tip. These ridges reveal the structure of the nail as well as the nail bed. The arrangement is done in unison so that the nail bed and nail look like one structure. As you grow older, the parallel ridges become more apparent and this should not be a cause for alarm. On the other hand, nail ridges could constitute disease at a certain stage and you will need to visit the doctor to confirm your state of health.

When nails become discolored, it is time to visit the doctor. Probably, you are suffering from one disease or the other. Conditions like excessively white fingernails reveal ailments like anemia. You may have kidney problems as well. Emphysema or pulmonary obstruction is revealed by dark blue nail beds. Yellow nails are the most alarming. This color suggests respiratory, diabetes or liver problems in addition to toxicity, cancer and syphilis to mention but a few.

The fact that the nails are linked to the skin through the nail bed exposes them to dermatological ailments that include fungal infections and psoriasis. Internal problems can be seen through defective nail shapes or irregular texture. Poor blood circulation is characterized by excessively thick nails. Spoon-shaped nails are a sign that the person is lacking vitamin B12. Add this to already existing problems and the nails become brittle.

Nails tend to reveal other symptoms and ailments in our bodies as well. Conversely, information about past health conditions can be derived from the current state of a person’s nails. This extends to general grooming of the body.  As such, the nails are very revealing when it comes to how we take care of our bodies and other health related issues.

Note that in order for nail growth to take place the body has to employ loads of metabolic energy. It makes the production of nails dependent on other systems within the body. Hence, nail growth is affected by a person with deteriorating health including emotional and physical trauma. This is the reason why nail ridges develop and they give an insight to the period when somebody has been ill or traumatized.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the condition of your nails remains healthy because of the vital information that they carry regarding the body. Avoid getting yourself into situations that cause nail injury. The replacement of nails on the body is a long process and lasts anything between six months and one and a half years.

You can regard your nails as an early warning system that helps you detect the state of your health at any given time.