How to Care for Hair at Home – 8 Best Tips

Hair-Care-at-HomeOur Today’s blog post is dedicated to the best tips on how to care for Hair at home, these tips have been compiled with the suggestions and advice of the best Dermatologist in Jaipur Everyone has a desire in their heart of having a thick, long, and lustrous hairs, no matter what the age is. Hairs play an essential role in defining and shaping one’s appearance. However, they fail to achieve so due to hair fall, hair loss, poor diet, etc.

Our hairs are made up of proteins, therefore keep the healthy diet and hygiene to attain the shiny, long, and strengthful hairs. But as we all know that diet is not enough for good hairs, so, in the article, we will make you know about how to care for hairs at home.

Tips on How to Care for Hair at Home

  1. Wash the Hairs ProperlyWash-Hairs-shampoo

Washing the hairs will help in removing both dirt and dandruff from the strands. Wash the hairs sparingly with a good shampoo. Note that every person has a different nature of hairs, so be very careful while choosing the shampoo. Also, it is seen that the sparse washing of hairs may dry out your hairs which may damage your hairs. Therefore, make a habit of shampooing the hairs, twice a week.

  1. Choose the Perfect Shampoo

This is the most frequently asked question. As the nature of hairs varies from person to person, so, it’s not easy to predict about which shampoo is best for hairs, but it is suggested to use shampoo which does not contain sulfates or parabens. Sulfate is the chemical which leather ups the shampoos whereas Paraben is a kind of preservative which can cause eye problem and irritation after the prolonged use. So, go with the shampoo which suits you the best. Shampoos recommended for different types of hairs are:

For Straight or Oily Hair: Use a gentle shampoo for daily washing.

For Curly or Afro-textured hair: Go with the shampoo that is enriched with creamy and has natural oils.

Coloured or treated hair: Go with a shampoo that is boosted with extracts or amino acids.

Dry: Shampoo having glycerin and collagen is recommended to the people with Dry Hairs.

  1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar:Apple-Vinegar

It is suggested to wash the hairs with apple cider vinegar, at least once a month. This practice would help you in getting back the shine of the hairs. It also cleans up the hair by removing dandruff.

  1. Use the Conditioner as per your hair type:

This is like a thumb rule that when you shampoo your hairs, don’t forget to condition it. The different kind of conditioner for the different type of hairs are:

Afro-Textured hair: A person with Afro-Textured hairs must go for deep conditioning or use the deep conditioner. Deep Conditioner would keep the hairs long, strong, and healthy.

For fine hair: If a person has fine hair or a person with limp hair must try botanical oil treatment (lavender or tea tree oil) before shampooing their hairs. After completing the botanical oil treatment, shampoo the hairs followed by the conditioner. Keep the conditioner applied hair for 15-20 mins before cleaning it.

For medium to thick hair: A person with medium to thick hair should undergo natural hydration. Applying the conditioner and keep it for 2-3 minutes before cleaning it.

  1. Moisturize your hair regularly:

Use five types of oils, i.e., almond, castor, olive, coconut, and lavender oils. Mix them in an equal proportion and apply on the hairs. Keep it so for at least four hours. Practice this twice a week for good results.

  1. Never dry your hair with the regular towel!

It is suggested that people should use a T-shirt or microfiber towel as an alternative to a regular towel as the regular towels are made up of fabric which is quite uncomfortable for the hairs. It would make the hairs rough which might also damage it. So, use a T-shirt after the shower for the better health of dry hairs. Also, you can use the microfiber towel as it is quite gentle to the hairs compared to the regular towels.

  1. Don’t Brush the hairs too much:

It is not at all suggested to brush the hairs too much too often as it can damage the hair strands which might lead to frizz and split ends.

  1. Maintain the Natural Health:

As we have already mentioned that our hairs are made up of proteins. So, a person should maintain excellent natural health to possess long and robust hairs. There are three ways to keep the health.

Eat Healthily: Consume a balanced diet comprising vitamins, lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. A healthy and balanced diet ensures that the hairs look and feel healthy.

Remove stress from your life: Stress is also a significant reason behind the hair loss. So, yoga, biking, meditation, and other exercises to eliminate stress.

Stay Hydrated: Not only for hairs, but it is also good to keep yourself hydrated for the better health. Sip a minimum of eight glasses of water every day to keep the body hydrated.

These are eight tips which you can apply at home for the care of the hair. Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have any suggestions about How to care for hairs at home, do mention them in comments. We would love to hear from you.