How Does The Fat Freezing Process Work?

Fat Freezing Process WorkFat freezing aka cool sculpting is among the most recent advances in fighting obesity and overweight in many people around the globe. In the past, heating devices were employed for toning and sculpting excess fat. But, scientists have now discovered the stellar benefits cooling can bring to fight fat. Interestingly, this discovery was not made in the laboratory, but rather on the streets where researchers observed that children consuming ice-blocks were rapidly losing fullness in the cheeks because the fat cells were dying. On the other hand, heat tends to nix everything coming in its way including the nerve cells while cooling techniques come with a more selective approach. Some cells in the human body tend to be more resilient compared to others.

Therefore, when the temperature is dropped to minus 70C or lower for fat freezing, the fat cells die without causing any damage to the nerve cells, the skin, the abutting cells or the collagen.  Through this process, the cells go through a process known as apoptosis, which is similar to any other cells dying in the body. Our cells constantly go through the process of dying and regeneration, but fat freezing does this with our fat in focus.

Not a miracle cure

Fat freezing is not a miracle cure to shed those extra pounds. However, you can think of this procedure as a counterpart of Botox and a lunchtime treatment that is relatively painless and deliver a noticeable small tweak. In other words, fat freezing is not a replacement solution to an effective exercise and balanced diet regimen.  You should choose this procedure if you are generally fit, exercising and closer to your goal looking to move a bit farther.  ‘A bit’ is defined as about 20% reduction of the bulge from targeted areas. The thumb rule is if you can pinch the bulge, cool sculpting can be helpful for you.

Application procedure

Cool sculpting is applied using a suction mechanism which pulls in folds in the skin similar to a vacuum. The initial few minutes can be uncomfortable though bearable. You may feel as though a bag full of frozen peas is placed on the bulges just as do it for your kids when they have some bruises or injuries. After the initial minutes, the part of the body where fat freezing is applied will go numb and with that, all the tingling sensation also disappears.

You should also know that sculpting device are not created equal and mixed results can be possible from the look-alike devices. Like with all other cosmetic procedures, the skill of the doctor or any other person applying the procedure is very crucial for you. He/she would be expected to have an eye for details and some aesthetic skill too. If you expect several centimetres gone from your abdomen or abs in minutes with the help of cool sculpting, you could be disappointed. Thus, there is some emphasis on who does the procedure and the device he/she is using.

Researchers have this to say

Most researchers opine that cool sculpting is relatively effective.  The general perception of researchers is that cool sculpting is a relatively effective and safe treatment to get rid of some fat from some areas. Another observation is that fat reduction was seen to be between 14.67 to 28.5% when measured with the help of a calliper. When ultrasound was used to measure fat reduction the results were nearly the same ranging between 10.3 and 25.5%.

Researchers also did not notice any major side effects or health risks from cool sculpting. Liver function and lipid levels did not show any reduction which points to the fact that cool sculpting is only a cosmetic procedure. Further, fat freezing with no other lifestyle changes was seen to be unlikely to impact the overall health of a person. The researchers further admit the only small size data was available for comparison with other lifestyle changes or cosmetic procedures.

Is fat freezing helpful to lose weight?

Fat is not as heavy as your muscle and therefore fat freezing does not help you to lose any significant amount of weight. Nevertheless, the procedure can help you control what spills over your bra or the top of the pants. Therefore, even after cool sculpting, you should continue your weight loss efforts and a good exercise regimen with a healthy diet.