6 Running Races That Offer Something Different

As much as taking a solitary run around your local area can be a good chance to unwind and get away from things, running with others can be great fun as well. Luckily, there are a plethora of running groups and events across the US that are managed by passionate runners who love to socialize and have a great time while keeping fit and healthy.

Running Races

If you live in a larger state with many groups, it can be difficult to choose one to start off with, so here are five unique races found in the US. Many of these races also take place in more than one location at different times, so it shouldn’t be difficult finding one that suits you.

Rugged Maniac

The name says it all with this one. After you’ve pushed through an extreme course featuring over 20 mud-drenched obstacles, you can converse with fellow runners or put all the talking aside and let your inner child free with the adult bouncy castle, mechanical bull, and tug o’ war.

Night Nation Run

Taking place all over the U.S. throughout the year, Night Nation Run combines the athletic exhilaration of a color run at night with the fun and wonder of a music festival. With over a million members already taking part, this running festival has something for every runner who’s also into attending live music concerts.

Urban Dare

This event often feels more like an episode of The Amazing Race than a traditional run. You’ll be pairing up with a partner to solve trivia questions, complete skill-based challenges, and occasionally take a breather on public transportation, all while running checkpoint to checkpoint through the city.

Gladiator Rock’n Run

Once you’ve gone through either the 5K or 10K runs and have completed all 17 obstacles, you can enjoy a party with the other competitors, accompanied by some live Rock ‘n Roll music and great beer. However, be warned: the great food doesn’t come easy. This tough course is more than just a plain old road.

The Zombie Mud Run

For something a little more on the scary side, this course will have you run through a variety of obstacles, all while dodging and outsmarting zombies. Okay, they’re just dirty people, but it’s more fun if you play along. Each runner is equipped with a couple of flags, which represent health points. Lose them all and you’re out. Cross the finish line with one or more of your flags and you can claim your stake on the podium.

Mud and Chocolate Half Marathon

For something a little less intense that all of us can enjoy, this race features numerous water stops along the way. But these stops aren’t just tables with water satchels. They’re adorned with a variety of treats to keep you going right to the end where you’ll be spoiled with an even bigger chocolate-infused meal. There’s also a trial run for those who want to be a little closer to nature.

Even if you’ve never run before, the enticing rewards of an organized run will keep you going.