5 Reasons To Take Full Body Massage Every Week


Do you treat yourself with relaxing massage regularly? Is it included in your beauty regime or you consider it an integral part of your wellness plan? Well, whatever it is, keep in mind that body massage on a regular basis keeps you fit, fine and healthy. And gives your skin a natural glow. But, trust me there’s more to it. I’d today, rather dig a little deep into this luxury item and tell you why you should spend some bucks on getting a relaxing massage every week.

  1. Fight Stress and Anxiety- With a hectic urban life, stress and anxiety come as an added factor. And who does not know that these two are the root of many unnerving diseases including OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? But with an appropriate body massage, you can get rid of it. Massage helps in lowering cortisol levels in the body while increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine. And that’s how it keeps stress at bay and improves our perspective.
  2. Massage helps in Developing Immunity- Many a time, doctors advise a massage on a weekly basis. These are essentially prescribed to the patients who are suffering from chronic illness and hence experiences reduced immunity. Sweedish and deep tissue massage on a regular basis promote the movement of lymph as well as seamlessly circulates blood. No wonder, the body’s natural defense system is improved.
  3. Massage reduces low-back pain and disorders in the spine- Many of us have already developed a screeching pain in the lower back region. This happens mostly due to our sitting posture. In-office, we are likely to sit in front of computers for long hours and that’s where most of us usually go wrong. However, a good massage every week lessens the pain and within a few days finally wards it off. Taking weekly massage from the best chiropractor, helps you avoid back and shoulder pain.
  4. Massage is as good as exercise- Believe it or not, massage is no less than daily exercises, at least in terms of benefits. Rather, it’s as good as it. Many of us aren’t just exercising regularly these days, but challenging ourselves with hectic tasks every day. Thus, massage once in a week should be included in a daily wellness plan, so that you can’t stay away from muscle soreness and tightness, and keep joints mobile and flexible.
  5. Massage works on healthy digestion– A good massage stimulates the movement of food through the digestive tract and thus relieves you from developing bloating, constipation and difficult bowel system. In short, massage is incredibly effective when it comes to providing instant relief. Before

So, think it twice, before you decide to skip your weekly body massage and save some money. In fact, a good massage keeps ailments at bay, thus saving you from spending a fortune in the long run.