10-Month-Old Baby Boy Declared Dead by Doctor But Wake Up From Coma

Amazing moment baby boy defies doctors by WAKING from a five-day coma and smiling at his father.

Parents Stuart and Emma Labuschagne, who was braced to never see their son open his eyes, were overwhelmed with emotion as he finally regained consciousness and smiled back at them.Baby-Boy-coma

A tangle of wires and tubes attached to the boy lay bare the seriousness of his cardiac arrest – which medics believed he would not pull through.

But Michael, who suffers from a rare heart tumour, miraculously beat the odds and stirred awake to the amazement of those crowded around his Bristol hospital bed.

However, the brave boy’s fight is not yet over, as his parents are desperately trying to raise £120,000 for life-saving surgery in the US.

Michael was rushed to hospital on March 16 when he was just 14 weeks old after began frantically gasping for air during a cardiac arrest.

He awoke on March 21 when doctors reduced his sedative drugs – opening his eyes and smiling at his father, Stuart, 28.

But that happy moment was quickly tempered by news that Michael’s cardiac arrest had been caused by a rare heart tumour.

The cardiac fibroma can cause his pulse to race dangerously fast. Only a handful of patients are thought to have one in the UK.

There is no long-term solution offered on the NHS but Michael’s parents discovered a hospital in Boston which can remove the tumour.

They now need to raise a staggering £116,000 so he can be cured – and ideally within six months, when his heart will be the ideal size for operating on.

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