Why Protein Is Important for Building Muscle

If you’re looking to gain more muscle, then you need to make sure you’re eating right. The process of creating muscle definition is often misunderstood and it’s important to try and avoid the common mistakes when looking to increase muscle growth.Building-Muscle

First of all, you need to realise that protein is incredibly important in building muscle, but also for your overall health. Your body uses this nutrient to build muscle tissue, make enzymes and ultimately, increase your muscle mass. So, essentially, ensuring you’re getting enough protein in your day-to-day life should be your top priority.

To put it simply, muscles are made up of two types of filaments (which are both proteins) and these are made up of amino acids which link together. For you to create more muscle, your body needs to join more amino acids together and these mainly come from the foods you eat.

Also, if you find yourself working out a lot, but not getting enough protein, then you might find yourself being more prone to injuries. Without these amino acids, your body isn’t able to repair or maintain the muscle tissue.

Protein is also not something that your body stores. So, essentially, to maintain muscle growth, you will need to maintain a balanced diet with ultimately a high-protein intake to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need. Don’t get us wrong though, even if you’re not looking to build your muscles, you still need protein to have a healthy lifestyle. It’s important for all of us.

Tips to get more protein:

1. Start swapping your normal ingredients for high protein alternatives

You can switch the same tasty ingredients for similar ones which are higher in protein. For instance, Eat Lean sells a range of cheeses which happen to be lower in calories and higher in protein – perfect for those looking to eat a balanced diet. Their range comes with grated cheese, cream cheese, and solid cheese which are all 100% natural and still as tasty as your regular cheese.

2. Choose the right snacks

We all love a snack, but instead of eating sweets and chocolate, try opting for those that contain a lot of protein. Nuts are a great alternative which will help satisfy any cravings and them come packed with protein. If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, swap your toast for Greek yogurt or dip fruit in peanut butter.

3. Eat your protein first

When having a meal, make sure you’re eating your protein source first, especially before getting on to the starchier foods. Firstly, your protein source will make you feel fuller, so not only will it control your hunger, but it will help increase your metabolic rate in the long term. Secondly, it’s way better to get full after having already eaten your daily protein rather than skipping out on it.

If you haven’t guessed already, protein is incredibly important for those looking to build muscle and just generally maintain a healthy lifestyle; however, you still need to do more. While, hopefully, you can now adjust your diet to be healthier, your muscles still need to be challenged and this is usually done through working out. Start by going to the gym or even talking to an instructor to find out which workouts are best for you and, as a little treat, carry protein bars to fuel yourself after an intense session.

If you’re just starting out, then the 3 tips above are a great way of starting to incorporate more protein into your diet. Your body needs it to strengthen your muscles and even your immune system, so it’s definitely not a nutrient to skip out on.