Rock Climbing, What Indoor and Outdoor Can Bring to the Table?

From jogging to weightlifting, there are plenty of ways to get a regular dose of exercise in your weekly schedule. But if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to burn calories and build muscle, rock climbing offers a unique challenge. Like many sports, you can enjoy rock climbing indoors or outdoors. Each option brings its own set of pros and cons, so use the following information to determine whether you should start climbing in the great outdoors or in a manmade facility. Rock-Climbing-health


One of the most obvious differences between indoor and outdoor rock climbing is the setting. An indoor rock climbing gym will likely offer ideal air conditioning and lighting, so you can enjoy a comfortable session every time. In addition, new climbers often prefer the plastic grips of an indoor wall, which aren’t as hard on the hands as most types of rock.

Outdoor activity leaves you more at the mercy of the elements. Unfavorable conditions, such as high wind and rain, will force you to cancel your workout plans. Even if you venture outdoors on a seemingly nice day, you’ll need to prepare for factors like high temperatures and increased sun exposure. Despite this, some people simply crave the freedom and fresh air associated with outdoor activities.


Whether you’re climbing indoors or outdoors, you’ll need some basic equipment, such as a harness and appropriate shoes. However, due to the increased risk of a hard fall, you’ll always want to sport a helmet when climbing outdoors. Most climbing gyms allow you to rent equipment as needed, and you won’t need to bring along a water bottle or sunscreen since you’ll be in a controlled environment.

Environmental Impact

When climbing outdoors, you’ll need to pay extra special attention to your surroundings. This isn’t just for your safety. Carelessly discarded items harm the environment, and it’s also possible to disturb plants and wildlife if you’re not attentive. If you climb in a gym, you can rest assured that the staff will clean up messes and repair damage to equipment. Just remember to be courteous to the staff and fellow climbers.

Group Size

Looking to exercise with a large group of people? An indoor gym is definitely the best choice. You won’t have to stress about the safety of everyone in the group or worry about the environmental impact. In addition, staff members are usually available to attend to each climber’s individual needs, and sections of the wall will accommodate climbers of varying skill levels.