Knock Out Depression with These Top 10 Ways That Not Everyone’s Aware Of

Depression in this generation is a serious and alarming case. It’s a usual and severe medical illness that badly affects how you may feel or how you may think, and how you may act over different scenarios or situations.Stress Tension

Good thing that it’s curable, but in this generation, the number of people losing the battle keeps on increasing – and it’s very alarming. So, to not just create awareness but also to give a hand to those who are currently battling with depression, kindly give this article some time so to give yourself another chance.

1. Overcome the negative thoughts in your mind

When you’re depressed, there’s more chance that your mind is preoccupied with unnecessary and disturbing thoughts. You suddenly overthink over a certain situation or you often jump to several, unpleasant conclusions without any justifications,

To fight depression, you must first be your own weapon – overcome the negative thought and delete it all in your mind. Yes, it’s not easy, never easy, but you have to think of yourself, your future, the people who love you and care for you and think of the gift of life you had from grace.

2. Block insecurities and envy

Some of the root causes of several cases of depression are coming from insecurities, envy, hate, and other negative feelings you may feel towards a person or other people. Release these kinds of burden in your life and surely, you’ll feel lighter than a feather. This isn’t only for the best of you but also for the best of other people.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Another technique or tip that not everyone’s aware of is by knowing their strengths and weaknesses at the same time. Why? It’s because it can be one of your greatest assets in your battle with depression.

By knowing what you capable of, you’ll be able to see the best armour to dress in your daily battle. And by knowing what you aren’t capable of, you’ll be able to make time and effort to nurture it and eventually turn it into one of your assets as well.

4. Surround yourself with people who truly appreciate you

Being drowned with so much negativity in life, you’ll have a lesser chance to save yourself – so, why not choose to surround yourself with people who truly understand you and care for you? These people can be your family, relatives, closest friends, and even your special someone.

These are the possible people who can give you a hand when you see yourself stuck and drowning in the middle of a depression. These people can give you a glimpse of light in the darkness you’re going through just by talking with each other or opening up about your burdens to them.

5. …and eliminate people who give you pain and cause you to doubt about yourself

In relation to the previous key point, learn to eliminate people who deliver you pain and cause you to doubt about yourself – these people can even be one of the reasons for your depression. Come to think of them as a liability and don’t think twice to eliminate them in your life.

Always think that your general health and your future are more important than keeping these kinds of people in your life. Just think that they aren’t around or that they never existed in your life.

6. Start a better and healthier lifestyle

Depression is so much tiring, it gives the feeling of endless doubt, hate, and negative thoughts. Knock it out by replacing it with a healthier and better lifestyle. Go out, socialise with family and friends, eat healthier, and choose to be happy than being lonely.

7. Keep yourself busy and active

It’s proven that any form of exercise is perfect to boosts your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. When you keep yourself active, you’ll begin to see a better version of yourself, and you’ll notice that you’re gaining that confidence again.

8. Focus on yourself and your goals

If you really want to win against your battle with your depression, build a goal and focus on it – and better if you focus on yourself as well. Always remind yourself that whatever you do in the battle, it’s all for you and those people who love you and care for you.

9. Go on an exceptional adventure

I’ve known some of my friends and even other people who tell their stories about battling depression – and you know? Getting on an exceptional adventure had been their keys to open the door out of the mental illness.

They say that when they go on an adventure, they start to rediscover themselves – their capabilities and their abilities.  So why not try it? Maybe you’ll find out that you can climb a mountain or cross the ocean, why not win the battle against depression, right?

10. Cry and scream it all out

I’ve been into depression myself, and I know the feeling of crying yourself to sleep. The feeling that the world is all against you, and you have nobody but yourself, is something crazy. That’s why don’t hesitate to cry and scream it all out.

Crying and screaming about what you feel is normal, and it will eventually make you feel better. Know that doing these don’t mean you’re weak – it means that you’re releasing it all out and you’re getting yourself ready to stand back up again.

So, are you now ready to battle with depression with a better and winning weapon? Always keep these tips with you to assure that you won’t lose. You’re more than what people think of you, and what you think you can be. That’s a challenge for you to win and not a battle for you to lose.

Kath Ramirez is a journalism graduate who aims to turn her dreams into her passion. Her love for writing started when she was seven years old, reading illustrated books. Writing articles, reading books, and dancing are her passion and she breathes into life with these. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays, a food addict but health conscious. She now works as a dedicated writer for Fitbiz Gym Equipment, a health and fitness equipment provider based in Australia.