How Many Teeth do Adults Have?

Adults have a total of 32 teeth in their mouth. Unlike the milk teeth in children, the permanent teeth in adults are larger in size and occupy a more considerable space in the jaw.


What Type of Teeth do Adults Have?

Adults have the following types of teeth in their oral cavity:

  • The Incisors – these are similar in shape to the incisors present in a baby’s mouth. They are eight in number, four in the lower jaw and four in the upper jaw. The ones present across both sides of the midline are called the central incisors while the ones adjacent to them are called lateral incisors. The primary function of incisors is to cut food with a chisel-like action.
  • The Canines – as the name suggests, these are similar in shape and function to the dog teeth. Each jaw has tow canines, one present on either side of a jaw. The primary purpose of canines is to tear food and is used for cutting and shearing meat.
  • The Premolars – these teeth are only present in the permanent dentitions. They are in fact, a transition between the incisors and molars in terms of their shape and function. Each jaw has four premolars, two present adjacents to each other on either side. The premolars primarily have a grinding role.
  • The Molars – unlike the primary teeth which only contain four molars in each jaw, the permanent dentition has six molars in each jaw, with the addition of a third molar or the wisdom tooth. The molars have large biting surface. Therefore, they are used for grinding hard foods into smaller pieces.

In What Sequence to Permanent Teeth Erupt?

Permanent teeth start to appear in the mouth by the age of 6-7 years, and they have a full set of complete teeth when they enter their teenage years. The lower incisors are the first ones among the permanent teeth to appear, followed by the upper ones. Then molars appear, followed by the canines, the premolars, and the remaining molar teeth. Generally, the lower teeth erupt ahead of the upper ones.

Why is it Necessary to Retain your Permanent Teeth?

  • Each Tooth has a Role to Play – It is clear from the above information that each tooth has a specific role to play in the oral cavity. Therefore, if you lose a single natural tooth, it will not only affect your smile and appearance but also change your capability to eat and speak properly.
  • You Don’t Get Another Set of Teeth After this – once you lose a permanent tooth, it is gone You may get it replaced with a suitable artificial tooth, but it can never function the same way your natural tooth could. Also, fake teeth can never be as durable and long-lasting as natural teeth.
  • Missing Teeth Affect your Personality – even after losing a single tooth, you will realize that it affects your smile. It also affects your ability to chew and digest food and to speak clearly and without difficulty. All this will take a significant toll on your personality. You don’t want that to happen! More information about the effects of poor cosmetics can be found here.

Nature bestows you with only two sets of teeth. The permanent ones are meant to last for a lifetime. Some people even mistakenly think they don’t need to brush their teeth. You do!! Therefore, you should take great care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. It would help if you also visited your dentist regularly to make sure that you retain healthy teeth throughout life.