The Benefits of Exercising with Others

Some of us may find it easiest to exercise and train alone, but for the majority, exercising can feel like a chore. Exercising with others has many benefits and can help you get into a fitness routine and complete your fitness goals. Whether you exercise with your partner, a friend or with strangers, getting active and social can improve your fitness and your friendship circle.Benefits of Exercising with Others


If one of the problems you find when starting a new fitness routine is sticking to it, perhaps joining a gym or fitness class with a friend or relative could be your answer. Having someone there to motivate you and knowing you can’t let the other one down can ensure you attend classes, and it can be a great bonding experience. Having the same or similar fitness goals can mean you support each other and consult each other with food and exercise inspiration!


Joining an exercise class can be a great way to meet like-minded people and increase your social circle. team training workouts are a great way to get to know others who enjoy the same fitness classes you do, and not only will you have the encouragement of a personal trainer, but you will also have the rest of your group. You are all there for the same purpose, and encouragement is key for motivating yourself and others. Sometimes it can mean even more coming from a stranger than our best friend.


If you have a competitive side, joining a group for weight loss or making a pact with your friends can help push you to achieve your fitness goals. If you love to win, plan a weight loss challenge with your friends or colleagues, as this can help motivate you to be the first to drop that dress size and is a great excuse to perhaps raise some money for a charity! Some weight loss groups give out certificates and achievements for those who have lost the most in the week or have reached their fitness goals, which can really spur you on when you are losing confidence or motivation.


What many of us may lack when it comes to achieving our fitness goals is confidence. We may be too scared to go to the gym or try a new exercise group alone and having a friend there for support can be what we need to get started. We may feel more confident in our routine and trying new exercises within the gym or at home. Help and support each other in the things you know how to do best, one of you may be better at cardio whilst one is more used to weight lifting; find each other’s strengths and learn from each other.

If you want to achieve your fitness goals this year, try joining your local gym with a friend or relative. Sharing your experiences and achievements with others is scientifically proven to spur us on and keep the motivation coming to finally see the results you’ve always wanted.